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Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 5 )

False-starts and failures, feeling like I missed the bus.

How did it happen? My Monday, which started out pretty good, got mentally hijacked and ended on a flat note.

Sure,  I got a lot done for my work and some domestic tasks were checked off my to-do list…in fact my Monday list is all checked and done. But still, the day ended feeling a bit chaotic and it was only later I realized I hadn’t done much on the body fitness work aside from walking my dog.

Then Tuesday kind of ker-plunked along and just felt off. To do list performance came to a halt.

I could blame the no-sugar but…I’ll be honest, chocolate did get involved. I could point the failure finger at setting myself up too enthusiastically…but really the set up is all do-able.

Let’s just call it a false start and have a do-over tomorrow. Practicing self-forgiveness in the face of self improvement is inevitable.

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