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Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 4 )

Monday, where I tend to start just about everything.

I organize myself in weekly cycles. I seem to have developed a week by week way of getting things done, and for the most part, I like it.

It’s good when the timing is right and you can hit your week with a fresh Monday boost that carries through the week. It is less successful when something new comes up mid week, which might feel a bit off-kilter somehow, or if one week gets off to a bad start, there is a risk I will wait for the next Monday to really re-attack in full force. So, to take the up-beat option, here I am on the first Monday of my kicking it into a healthier lifestyle with my Living Like Lindsey mantra on the tip of my tongue…

Looking ahead to focusing on 2 main points:

  • Eat well
    • Bye-bye sugar!
    • More lean and focus on enough veggies!
  • Move better.
    • Stretch and prep my tight (not in the right way) winter body.
    • Get my abs back into maintenance mode, work that core!
    • Re-start my daily elliptical machine me-time, I love that machine, it’s just a matter of choosing to take the time to do it.


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