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Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 3 )

Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 3 )

WWLD? What would Lindsey do on a cold rainy Sunday morning in February? Well, maybe what would she do when she isn’t at the Olympics? I’m looking for loopholes to adapt my health plan to fit in with the French way of enjoying life a bit extra on Sundays, and I think I found one.  

Lindsey speaks about cheat days as being an important part of any diet (I don’t think she likes the word diet any more than I do!). Now, I feel it is important to say that the word cheat is not one I would use, it ties into so much of what I dislike about the whole (catastrophic!) diet culture.

I consider weaving in a bit of goodies here and there to be more realistic than cheating.

I do need to control my approach to these moments of indulgence, otherwise I will eat-it-all.  I think the French way of luxuriously allowing oneself to be slow and enjoy Sundays might be the key. A slice of time to be less strident and enjoy the pleasures of life. So, Sunday mornings will be my chosen time to let it go and enjoy a Frenchy-start to the day. An afternoon yogalates DVD will help add a bit of balance.

So, buying pastries this cold dreary morning is not cheating, it is living!

Bon dimanche.

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