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Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 2)

Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 2)

OK, so before I get too far into this and find myself eating banana bread just because Lindsey likes it, I will clarify for myself what I’m going for in my Living Like Lindsey movement.  That is a good word to start with, movement.  

I bet Lindsey works out, and I mean really works it. So I need to try and step it up a bit and get my muscles working. I have been on a strength and flexibility kick but, more in consideration than actual action.  I need to re-group and get that going. Strength and flexibility…focus.

Then there is food, I will keep it healthy and natural, try and follow her protein to carbs ratios, and -probably most importantly- reduce my intake (which has gotten a bit out of hand this winter) and to top it off, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Let the games begin!

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