About The Wild Ride

P1020586    This blog space started from a Wild idea I had a few years back about getting in shape and losing weight…my awesome idea was kind of a diet, but more like an awesome un-diet. An un-diet that had me adding movement and energy into my life, not taking food out of it. I called it the Wild Ride Diet (aka the Wide-Ride Diet! Which still makes me laugh) and I have to admit I love it,
As time went on the idea of the “diet” or even the “un-diet” grew into a more serious refection on how women, people really, are so hard on themselves when it comes to weight, body image, confidence…which controls so much of our quality of life…and so my own Wild Ride movement became more of a drive to explore how I can live a satisfying life the best I can. Plenty of walks in the woods and a lot of keeping positive going on, reminding myself to take care of myself so I can get out there and live my life fully.  So being healthy and fit is a base, but not my priority. Challenging myself to make my life matter, not just to me but perhaps to others, that is where it gets more interesting!  I consider this blog as a catch-all point for my creative curiosities as well as a place to share my attempts at living well.   Life is a wild ride, make the most of it!      -Kristi
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