Wild Ride Diet

Alright, the time has come. I am doing a full on test run of The Wild Ride Diet…

The Wild Ride Diet was the base of my idea for this blog, and it is a simple and satisfying project to focus in on feeling good, eating well and moving more.

Language matters, so on one of my morning walks I decided to drop the “diet” from my diet as this really is a plan of action for long term awesomeness, (note: not skinny-ness!) My motivation for designing my Wild Ride is a direct result from my dislike of diets in general and the negative side effect the diet industry had had on how we feel about ourselves. So my Wild Ride plan is to move my body and feel good. This is a feel good movement! What a wild idea, to remind ourselves to feel good about ourselves!

This is a diet of motion but I will admit I need to simmer down on the food intake and focus on what I call “good energy”, a phrase I coined when my son was a toddler, and we differentiated between good energy food and bad energy food.  Bad energy being cookies and sweets of course. He totally got it, easy concept. Harder to activate when you are in the throws of sugar love…or addiction?

I am a sugar lover so that is where I tend to focus when things get out of control.

My Wild Ride Diet is a pretty simple organized part of my Wild Ride Living…the place where I put my focus on the fuel I get. I have a plan and I am curious if it will work…

I have some wonderful friends testing it along with me (thanks ladies!) so I can get a nice mix of feedback from different perspectives and from across the globe!  Look here and on my Youtube channel for weekly updates and let’s see how this goes.  I anticipate a fun ride and coming out on the other side feeling better and more fit, and less likely to be easily seduced by dessert!

– Kristi



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