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The Creak of Creativity…

My son is about to go off to summer camp for the first time. He will be away for a week and while it is not the first time we have been apart, it is the first time I will be home in our house and not need to take care of him.

My original plan was to make the most of the time and get a ton of things off my big to-do list. But now, with only a couple days before he leaves, I realized that all of those tedious things can be done when he’s here.  He doesn’t stop me from cleaning out the attic, or finally going through and decluttering my clothing.

So I paused this morning and considered, what are the things I cannot do when I have to be “on” in Mom mode? I think being lazy came to mind, visions of movie binging with cups of coffee, naps, reading a book uninterrupted. That was followed by the gleeful idea that I could lay off menu planning and cooking “real” meals.

But then, more importantly, I thought about the kind of selfish time it takes to be creative.

I can’t help all the creative ideas I have bubbling to the surface, but for the last decade I have kind of squelched down my creativity to the level of jotting notes or sketching out whisps to save for some other time.

So, while I may do a bit of movie binging… I plan on trying to re-awaken some of my creative projects.

Let’s see how it all goes.


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