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Hard working bees…

We are doing our best to create a safe haven for bees here in our country garden. The health of our future planet will lean on these little guys so I feel it is only right that we do what we can to help them out. We do not care for bees to harvest honey, we care for the bees to try and give them a safe haven so they can keep on doing all their good pollinating work. We are renovating an old farmhouse (that’s for us humans) and our resources are slim. So while discussing the costs of preparing our hives for a strong spring in 2020, a friend asked how they could chip in some funds to help. Voila, the idea for our Adopt-a-Bee program was sparked and here we are, sending out a call for help to anyone who might contribute to our little bee sancuary.

Ways to help that are completely FREE!

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