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Rock the Electoral Vote

The year 2016 has been a Wild Ride in the political realm that I did not anticipate.

The results of the election have left me stunned and worried about the general atmosphere among my fellow earth-mates. So much aggression going on.  Let’s pull it together people!

I am happy to be a part of the Pantsuit Nation, and I would have loved for Hillary to win. I also have beloved friends and family members who expressed their feelings and concerns by voting for Trump this election. I support democracy and so I support their right to vote for the candidate of their choice.

As the days unravel and we see more about what Trump may or may not do, or who he may or may not put in positions of power, I am inspired to activate our system of democracy as it has been set up in our constitution. I call out to the Republican members of the Electoral College to consider using their constitutional right to not place their vote for Trump.

This election inspired protests against the results as well as passionate responses from both sides. I feel for myself the best reation is to send out sincere and thoughtful support towards these electors in hopes that they will feel courageous and make a stand for a better nation. Place your vote for Hillary. I imagine these electors will feel a lot of pressure from every direction, and I want them to feel that we are out here, cheering them on and asking them to make a good choice.  I hope that some of them want to change the direction of this Trump election process as much as many citizens do.

To place a faithless vote is not an easy choice. It will take bravery on the part of the elector to stand for what they feel is better for our country.  So I ask all of you to contact the Republican Electoral College and let them know you support their faithless vote.

I have a place to start:

Postcards for Progress!

I want to make it easy for us to contact these electors. To begin with we need to contact the Republican Party of each state, especially where the vote was particularly close.  I would like to find out who the individual electors are (who can help?)  but let’s start with the headquarters and move from there. The phone lines have been unresponsive so I think we need to use the post office to let them know we are out here!  

I have created a couple simple printable documents, front and backs of a postcard incuding some useful addresses already to go.  Print the front/ print the back/ cut… and send to the top priority states. I am asking some of my creative friends out there to make a better looking document, but for now, a simple statement is a start.

Get out your pens and fill thier mailboxes!!

Postcard front  (Simple document with face side of 4 postcards per page with “I support YOUR faithless vote!”

Postcards-addresses-1  (Back sides with addresses for the Republican Party office for: Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania)

Postcards-addresses-2  (Back sides with addresses for the Republican Party for: Wisconsin,Arizona,Georgia, NC, Wisconsin)

Postcard-adresses-3  (Back sides with addresses for (Republican Headquarters DC, and Michigan, plus blanks)

I will also be creating individual posts for each of the close-call states to be able to create comment-updates when we find out who the individual electors may be and how to contact them directly. Please feel free to add helpful comments, keep in mind anything unpleasant or agressive will be deleted.

Let’s work together to Rock the Electoral Vote 2016!


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