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Rock the Electoral Vote! Start here.


Inspired by our recent election I have learned a thing or two about this Electoral College that is, once again, getting everybody all worked up.

The important point I learned is that once a candidate has won the popular election in that state, the winning political party chooses one electoral voter for each vote the state is allocated. So they are chosen by the winning party. But, the electors are not obligated to vote in line with their party. They can break away, and this is called a faithless voter.

This is very, very rare, but it CAN happen.

To be honest, I am not confident we can change the outcome of this election, but I am inspired to express my disatisfaction by putting any effort I can into supporting¬†the Electoral College, the very same Constitutional tool that has put Trump in his “President Elect” position, to choose a “faithless vote” and mark for history that we the people do not choose a pussy grabbing bigot for our President.

Choose a faithless vote!

I have started by trying to find out how to contact this mysterious college of electors. I spoke to someone in Washington who gave me this information, if we want to contact the selected electors we need to first contact the Republican Party office for that state. I will start here by posting the top 5 states we need to contact and list the GOP contact information for that state, I will make one post per state so we can leave comments with any updates, names and contact information for the actual electors. Everyone can help, find them, call them, mail them.

We have until December 19th to make a difference.

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