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On the brink of perfection…

The new year has started, and for me it gets to have several layers of delayed fresh starts, each one feeling a bit fresher than the last.  Sure there is the actual new year, but that often gets lost in some social shuffle or pedestaled enigma which kind of takes away from the pleasure of a simple fresh start.


Then we had our return home, back to France from our holiday visit to the USA, so we had a fresh start here. Well, a jet lagged start with delayed luggage and a week or so of cleaning, unpacking, and dealing with a deep freezer gone bad (I should be terribly upset about all the food lost in that deep-freezer melt down, but to be honest I am loving the excuse to chuck it all out and start anew). Visions of some kind of inventory control for the freezer is playing about in my mind. Some of the meat we threw out was a total mystery to me. Bad freezer management, on the to-improve list.


So, it is Sunday, my usual day to kind of regroup and mix it up with enjoying family down time while also cleaning and prepping for the week so we can hit the ground running Monday morning. I find that the Monday re-boot really matters to me so if I focus on a good start, it seems the whole week rolls out at a nice pace.


This week I am extra motivated, this week (mid January!) is my personal “real” start to my new year. I have the house in order, my son’s everything in order, I am ready to get to work and start some new projects. So today I am prepping in a bit of overdrive and am excited to get to it.


I have quite a week set out in front of me and I may be asking a bit much of myself but…that is probably the best way to go about doing almost anything!


So here is a shout out to all of us Wild Riders cranking into new things, fresh starts and continued efforts!



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