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Money Blocks and Bee Adoption

In preperation for the new year and for a new flux of professional expansion in 2020, I have recently been speaking with a coach who specializes in breaking down money blocks. It is amazing how we can find ways to hold ourselves back! So I have a new determination to get busy and not distract myself with busy work, and not hold myself back from success, but rather put focus on where the money will be coming in for my business in 2020.

So I challenge myself to a “show me the money” season and I am diving in to make that happen. In this energized spirit, although admittadly a bit off the track from my regular business, I have started by taking an idea and making it a reality by setting up an Adopt-a-Bee Program on my personal blog to give people a place where they can chip in funds and help me help the bees. Transitioning from thinking about it to actually doing it is a huge shift for me and I hope it sets the tone for a successful 2020.

You can find out more about my Adopt-a-Bee Program here.

I am wishing everyone a happy holiday season and a great start to a new decade! From money blocks to bee adoption, change is in the air and 2020 is looking good already!

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