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March Madness!

So after my February fun with Living Like Lindsey, I am now shifting into another gear, one that is more slow and steady and a bit more all-life encompassing.

March Madness is an excellent way to describe it as, it’s a bit mad all the things I am trying to do at once! Sure the health and fitness program needs to continue, but I am also; adding to my work load, participating in (the amazing) Marie Forleo’s B-school (woot!) and it’s spring, so… time to prep the beehives and give the chicken coop a make-over, let’s not even start on the garden work that will need to be done!  But maybe most importantly, I have taken the plunge and decided, like really-really decided, to do the short film projects I have been mulling over. Really-really. No going back!

So I want to thank Lindsey Vonn for getting me off to a good start, but the madness of March is taking over and I need to go a little crazy in the productivity zone.


Life is a Wild Ride, make the most of it. 

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