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Let the new year begin, renovations back on track!

After a little well needed holiday visiting family in the US we are back in our little muddy corner of the French countryside and are kind of regrouping and re-organizing some of the rather large tasks at hand in the work we are doing to re-habilitate our little French farmhouse.

The to-do list is long but this year feels exciting as we have gotten past some of the big work like connecting utilities, putting a roof on, and putting in the septic system (whee! fun stuff!). So we are now (almost) ready for the bathroom, kitchen etc. and have to really decide things like, what kind of floor do we want? Old terra cotta tiles? Wide wooden planks? I’ll tell you one thing, the bathroom will be new, fresh and clean and have under floor heating!

So I am excited to get this year underway with a renewed energy to attack our project, including sharing our experience here with you. Let the learning curve begin!

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