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Money Blocks and Bee Adoption

In preperation for the new year and for a new flux of professional expansion in 2020, I have recently been speaking with a coach who specializes in breaking down money blocks. It is amazing how we can find ways to hold ourselves back! So I have a new determination to get busy and not distract myself with busy work, and not hold myself back from success, but rather put focus on where the money will be coming in for my business in 2020.

So I challenge myself to a “show me the money” season and I am diving in to make that happen. In this energized spirit, although admittadly a bit off the track from my regular business, I have started by taking an idea and making it a reality by setting up an Adopt-a-Bee Program on my personal blog to give people a place where they can chip in funds and help me help the bees. Transitioning from thinking about it to actually doing it is a huge shift for me and I hope it sets the tone for a successful 2020.

You can find out more about my Adopt-a-Bee Program here.

I am wishing everyone a happy holiday season and a great start to a new decade! From money blocks to bee adoption, change is in the air and 2020 is looking good already!

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March Madness!

So after my February fun with Living Like Lindsey, I am now shifting into another gear, one that is more slow and steady and a bit more all-life encompassing.

March Madness is an excellent way to describe it as, it’s a bit mad all the things I am trying to do at once! Sure the health and fitness program needs to continue, but I am also; adding to my work load, participating in (the amazing) Marie Forleo’s B-school (woot!) and it’s spring, so… time to prep the beehives and give the chicken coop a make-over, let’s not even start on the garden work that will need to be done!  But maybe most importantly, I have taken the plunge and decided, like really-really decided, to do the short film projects I have been mulling over. Really-really. No going back!

So I want to thank Lindsey Vonn for getting me off to a good start, but the madness of March is taking over and I need to go a little crazy in the productivity zone.


Life is a Wild Ride, make the most of it. 

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Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 8 )

Little Wins

Living Like Lindsey, one week in… 

I could write about my gorgeous day, with unexpected February sun…

Or, perhaps more importantly the lovely chat filled visit I was lucky to have, that reminds me how friends are best kept at the top of the priority list…

I could share that I haven’t had any sugar since Tuesday evening’s slip into a bag of chocolates…

But I think for this glorious day the win is best encapsulated in the just happened, fresh-off-the-presses moment when my son and husband were eating some chocolates…I could hear the wrappers, smell the sweet in the air…and I reached out to maybe take just one…and instead, I took the bag, wrapped it up and put it away.

Voila…somehow easy to do and not easy to do, all at the same time.  One more day on the release me from sugar blues trip.



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Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 7 )

Great Beginnings

I feel like yesterday I was able to re-catch my mental pace to be good to myself, particularly on the healthy intake detail. Today I wanted to be sure to start the day off on the right foot, as we know, if you can win the morning, you win the day.

A 9:00am recap of my day so far gives me hope for the day and week to come.

  • I woke up early and with it still dark and raining outside, and my husband watching the Winter Olympics at dawn, I got comfy, grabbed a coffee (no sugar!) and read in bed. I am so enjoying Anne Patchett’s Patron Saint of Liars, I feel a bit spoiled when I am reading a book I can’t put down.
  • Then, got up for real and did the morning routine of getting my son ready and out the door while catching moments to stretch my body and warm up a bit before heading out and walking our dog once the schoolbus had gone.  
  • When I got back from our walk up and over the nearby forest I went to my office and got the Youtube video 8 min abs up and running and (finally!!) re-vived my daily habit of working my abs. I love the quirky kitch-ness of this video, they guy and his upbeat enthusiasm seem to get my day started off well. At the end he says “see you in 24 hours” and I’m like…OK.

So with this start as my base I will head into my day of Living Like Lindsey and eat well, move well and keep myself on the right track. My focus today is no sweets, I have plenty of good options ready at hand so…

No excuses  =  No sweets

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Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 5 )

False-starts and failures, feeling like I missed the bus.

How did it happen? My Monday, which started out pretty good, got mentally hijacked and ended on a flat note.

Sure,  I got a lot done for my work and some domestic tasks were checked off my to-do list…in fact my Monday list is all checked and done. But still, the day ended feeling a bit chaotic and it was only later I realized I hadn’t done much on the body fitness work aside from walking my dog.

Then Tuesday kind of ker-plunked along and just felt off. To do list performance came to a halt.

I could blame the no-sugar but…I’ll be honest, chocolate did get involved. I could point the failure finger at setting myself up too enthusiastically…but really the set up is all do-able.

Let’s just call it a false start and have a do-over tomorrow. Practicing self-forgiveness in the face of self improvement is inevitable.

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Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 4 )

Monday, where I tend to start just about everything.

I organize myself in weekly cycles. I seem to have developed a week by week way of getting things done, and for the most part, I like it.

It’s good when the timing is right and you can hit your week with a fresh Monday boost that carries through the week. It is less successful when something new comes up mid week, which might feel a bit off-kilter somehow, or if one week gets off to a bad start, there is a risk I will wait for the next Monday to really re-attack in full force. So, to take the up-beat option, here I am on the first Monday of my kicking it into a healthier lifestyle with my Living Like Lindsey mantra on the tip of my tongue…

Looking ahead to focusing on 2 main points:

  • Eat well
    • Bye-bye sugar!
    • More lean and focus on enough veggies!
  • Move better.
    • Stretch and prep my tight (not in the right way) winter body.
    • Get my abs back into maintenance mode, work that core!
    • Re-start my daily elliptical machine me-time, I love that machine, it’s just a matter of choosing to take the time to do it.


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Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 3 )

Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 3 )

WWLD? What would Lindsey do on a cold rainy Sunday morning in February? Well, maybe what would she do when she isn’t at the Olympics? I’m looking for loopholes to adapt my health plan to fit in with the French way of enjoying life a bit extra on Sundays, and I think I found one.  

Lindsey speaks about cheat days as being an important part of any diet (I don’t think she likes the word diet any more than I do!). Now, I feel it is important to say that the word cheat is not one I would use, it ties into so much of what I dislike about the whole (catastrophic!) diet culture.

I consider weaving in a bit of goodies here and there to be more realistic than cheating.

I do need to control my approach to these moments of indulgence, otherwise I will eat-it-all.  I think the French way of luxuriously allowing oneself to be slow and enjoy Sundays might be the key. A slice of time to be less strident and enjoy the pleasures of life. So, Sunday mornings will be my chosen time to let it go and enjoy a Frenchy-start to the day. An afternoon yogalates DVD will help add a bit of balance.

So, buying pastries this cold dreary morning is not cheating, it is living!

Bon dimanche.

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Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 2)

Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 2)

OK, so before I get too far into this and find myself eating banana bread just because Lindsey likes it, I will clarify for myself what I’m going for in my Living Like Lindsey movement.  That is a good word to start with, movement.  

I bet Lindsey works out, and I mean really works it. So I need to try and step it up a bit and get my muscles working. I have been on a strength and flexibility kick but, more in consideration than actual action.  I need to re-group and get that going. Strength and flexibility…focus.

Then there is food, I will keep it healthy and natural, try and follow her protein to carbs ratios, and -probably most importantly- reduce my intake (which has gotten a bit out of hand this winter) and to top it off, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Let the games begin!

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Living Like Lindsey! Day 1

Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 1)

Hello winter olympics! I am watching the opening ceremony to the winter olympics over lunch with my husband, here in France. The pop music and techno display are fine, and the women with fairy skirts sporting the country banners are cute, but what I’m feeling  – more than the warm glow of international sport love –  is a personal urge to get in shape.  Like, there is no way I could be an olympic hopeful…not this this year anyway!

So I am finding inspiration in the fantastic Lindsey Vonn, the “Winningest Woman in Ski Racing History”. Starting today (and at least for the span of the winter olympics), I plan on reminding myself to live with a healthier approach using the mantra “living like Lindsey” to keep me on track, because I’m guessing she didn’t have kit-kats with coffee for breakfast!!

Digging around I found an article from Bon Appetit where she describes her relationship with food as:

Healthy. I think it’s just good for everyone to find a balance of being healthy but also enjoying food. Everything in moderation. You shouldn’t take away completely the things you really enjoy eating.”

And she talks about her protein to carb ratio which I may use as my guide:

  • Breakfast: 50/50
  • Lunch: 60/40
  • Dinner: no carbs.

Seems she adds plenty of healthy fats like avocado, so…I’ll work out some plans for the next few weeks and get my Lindsey going.

So a happy olympics to all and a special cheer for Lindsey, go get some more gold girl!!