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Living Like Lindsey! Day 1

Wild Ride- Living Like Lindsey (day 1)

Hello winter olympics! I am watching the opening ceremony to the winter olympics over lunch with my husband, here in France. The pop music and techno display are fine, and the women with fairy skirts sporting the country banners are cute, but what I’m feeling  – more than the warm glow of international sport love –  is a personal urge to get in shape.  Like, there is no way I could be an olympic hopeful…not this this year anyway!

So I am finding inspiration in the fantastic Lindsey Vonn, the “Winningest Woman in Ski Racing History”. Starting today (and at least for the span of the winter olympics), I plan on reminding myself to live with a healthier approach using the mantra “living like Lindsey” to keep me on track, because I’m guessing she didn’t have kit-kats with coffee for breakfast!!

Digging around I found an article from Bon Appetit where she describes her relationship with food as:

Healthy. I think it’s just good for everyone to find a balance of being healthy but also enjoying food. Everything in moderation. You shouldn’t take away completely the things you really enjoy eating.”

And she talks about her protein to carb ratio which I may use as my guide:

  • Breakfast: 50/50
  • Lunch: 60/40
  • Dinner: no carbs.

Seems she adds plenty of healthy fats like avocado, so…I’ll work out some plans for the next few weeks and get my Lindsey going.

So a happy olympics to all and a special cheer for Lindsey, go get some more gold girl!!

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